Thursday, 20 August 2015

Post Bloodstock 2015 Interview with Akarusa Yami

Here is the next interview in our series of interviews with some of the bands we featured in our Top Picks for Bloodstock 2015 article last week.

Akarusa Yami are a five piece technical/progressive metal outfit from Nottinghamshire, consisting of Adam Jones on drums, Jake Bennett on Bass, Tom Brumpton on vocals, and Tom Clarke & Julia Goatly (Guitars). The band were contacted a few months ago and asked to play by Bloodstock's Simon Hall. "We were very excited to learn that we would be playing one of the most popular Metal festivals in the UK."

The band prepared for Bloodstock with weekly studio rehearsals and additional practice at home. Guitarist Julia Goatly explains,
"I had to learn one of the songs, Life, The Venomous Way off our last EP Trace Element Rebirth from scratch in the couple of weeks leading up to Bloodstock, which was a bit of a personal challenge *laughs*!"
Julia also went on to describe the bands overall Bloodstock experience.

"The crowd seemed very into it and the overall response was wonderful. Overall the experience was what I expected, which is always an amazing experience. A great opportunity to catch up with friends and other local bands, as well as see some very good live performances by bigger acts. We saw a fair few bands but some noteworthy mentions for me were Forgotten Remains, Taken By The Tide, Burgerkill, Opeth, Ne Obliviscaris & Fleshgod Apocalypse."

Akarusa Yami are due to release a new album called Heavy Climb in October and they will also be playing the Trondheim Metal Festival in Norway. Their new album will be available to buy at up coming gigs and they will also be selling a new t-shirt with all the artwork designed by the bands drummer, Adam.

Check out the video for their track The Venomous Way.

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