Thursday, 13 August 2015

Post Bloodstock 2015 Interview with Tombstone Crow

Here is the next interview in our series of interviews with some of the bands we featured in our Top Picks for Bloodstock 2015 article last week.

Tombstone Crow describe themselves as "Original Geordie Metal from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne". With Debi Lisle on vocals, Andy (Farmer) Bright on guitars, Kev Nolan on drums and Rob Nukem on bass. The band were selected to play the New Blood Stage after entering the Wychwood video contest online.

Lead vocalist Debi explains this further
"We found out we were playing about about 4 weeks before the festival via email but we had to keep quiet about it for about a week until it was officially announced on the Bloodstock website which was a killer! We entered a competition on the Wychwood website where we had to upload a live video of the band playing. The public voted for weeks along with a panel of professionals in the industry,we were chosen with votes in their thousands... it was an incredible feeling and honour to know that we would be playing at such an amazing, well known festival with so many amazing bands that we admire!!" 

With such a short time from being told they had made the line-up to actually performing there wasn't a lot of time to prepare, however the band quickly put together a solid set filled with the songs that they thought the crowd would like to hear. They also made sampler CD's to hand out at the festival before their performance to entice people to come and see them perform and they really didn't disappoint on the day.
"The gig itself was amazing we got a good crowd, loads of exceptional feedback from fans old and new and the support from the whole Bloodstock and Hobgoblin team was unbelievable. We got a really positive response from the crowd and we were also chosen to be streamed live!! The stage manager and some of the crew have also been in touch and it's all been really positive feedback!!! So here's to a positive future!!   
It's our first major festival as a band together and it was just overall an incredible experience. Being treated like VIP's and being able to meet some of our icons and watch them from the side of the stage and just the whole atmosphere as being there as an artist felt amazing. We met some amazing people as well some fans and friends for life! Big shout out to the South Wales Death Squad! I've been to loads of festivals and none quite like Bloodstock ....we will definitely be returning next year! 
We saw loads of awesome bands such as Black Label Society (we also met Zakk Wylde!!!), Death, Armored Saint, Sepultura, Within Temptation, Rob Zombie and loads of other bands across the other stages. Its great that the stages were close together because you can move about quickly and catch bits and pieces of loads of bands!!"
The band are going to be recording a new EP at the end of August and will also be releasing a new music video in early October. They also have lots of gigs coming up including a mini tour in October.

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