Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Release: Formicarius - Lake of the Dead (Single) 2015

Formicarius believe that for too long now and without reason, English Black metal has been underestimated, never truly revered alongside its Scandinavian cousins and that the meticulous sonic assault that is Lake of the Dead will serve as a simple demand: This ends now.

First conceived in the Winter of 2014, Formicarius craft elaborate tempests of black metal that hit the listener like a finely sharpened sword to the skull: ornate yet destructive. Elements of death and symphonic metal are called upon to reinforce the gargantuan sound that can be heard on single Lake of the Dead. Unsurprisingly, Formicarius are not a collection of upstart amateurs, instead featuring members of De Profundis, Premature Birth, Phyrexia and Maxdmyz: no strangers to UK extreme metal.

The tracks are a mix of fast paced black metal blast beats and furious drumming interspersed with slower melody and symphonic elements. The production is incredibly clear and crisp and every element, every instrument and every note has room to breathe. The vocal style used is a more a gruff croak mixed with occasional growls than a more modern shriek. This gives the required levels of menace while retaining clarity, meaning the lyrics can be made out easily. A very professional production and very well executed, harking back to a bygone era of UK black metal while being fresh and enticing to the contemporary ear.

With an album recorded at Parlour Studios due to be released before the end of 2015, the question is not if Formicarius will set English Black Metal aflame, the question is when...

You can grab the single, along with 2 other tracks from Bandcamp for Name Your Price:

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Originally posted by Craig Andrews on Femetalism.

photography by Louis Cheshire
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