Friday, 25 September 2015

Photo Review: Mist, Kurokuma, Northern Oak & The Miser on the Faerie Gump

On 22nd September, Slovenian doom metal band Mist played their first UK date at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield with support from local bands: The Miser on the Faerie Gump, Northern Oak and Kurokuma.  The event was brought together by doom and post metal promoter Holy Spider Promotions in association with Femetalism.

It was an incredible night with top notch performances from all four bands, a great atmosphere and a huge amount of support.

First up were local 'comedy' progressive folk metal band The Miser on the Faerie Gump.  They might think their lyrics are silly, but their music is anything but!  There was so much energy on the stage and in the room during their performance and they really got the crowd warmed up.

Next up were Northern Oak. Regulars on the Femetalism pages and one of our favourite bands; Northern Oak blew the roof off the venue with their unique and downright brilliant take on blackened folk metal. Despite vocalist Martin Collins, not being available to perform, stand in Joe Stamps of Hecate Enthroned and Lacrota did an absolutely mighty job. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought Joe was a regular member of the Northern Oak clan. A flawless performance as always!

Local doom sludge metal band Kurokuma were next up living up to their reputation as the heaviest band in Sheffield.  Their stage performance is certainly something to behold; a full on sonic battering that messes with your head and leaves you wanting just a bit more. I am not sure what it is they do, but whatever it is cannot easily be described. It has to be witnessed.

Finally, Mist took to the stage.  They started their set strong and confidently with tracks from their recently released EP. Some technical issues with the guitarist's amp didn't seem to faze them at all and they just carried on while he tried to resolve the issue. A number of strategically placed candles on the stage added to the atmospheric nature of the bands music and their much anticipated performance exceeded all of our expectations.

Overall the evening was a superb event and fans of doom and folk would have been hard pressed to find somewhere better to have been.

Check out the other events Holy Spider Promotions will be putting on in and around the Sheffield area on their Facebook Page.

You still have time to catch Mist in the UK if you haven't already - they still have to perform in Glasgow tonight and London on Saturday.  Check out our pre-gig interview with the band for full details of the tour.

If you want to see more, you can see the full set of photos either on the Femetalism Photo Page or on the Iron Golem Photography website.

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.