Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pre-gig Interview with Slovenian Doom Metal Band Mist

Photography by: Lara Žitko

Next week local bands The Miser on the Faerie Gump, Kurokuma and Northern Oak will be playing The Rocking Chair in Sheffield supporting Slovenian doom metallers Mist. Ahead of this incredible evening, Femetalism had the chance to talk with Mist band member Ema Babošek, about the band, their music and of course the tour.

Can you introduce the band?

Mist are a female-fronted doom metal band from Slovenia. Since our beginnings in 2012 we have released a demo and an EP, and have been lucky enough to share the stage with legendary bands such as Saint Vitus, Uncle Acid and the deadbeats, Kadavar, Mount Salem, Manilla Road, Cauchemar and others. Our music is inspired by darkness in the nature and in the human mind, as well as supernatural beliefs and spiritual symbolism.

How did you come together to form Mist?

Our drummer and singer met at a concert and decided to form a band. Shortly afterwards, the bass player and guitarists joined. Since we all listened to completely different genres of metal at the time, we started playing all sorts of metal music and as we started to create our own, it revealed itself as doom metal. Our creative process was not based on what we wanted our music to sound like, but on ideas that had been waiting in the back of our minds for a while, maybe even before the band was formed. It is something unexplainable, everything just fell into place.

Your doom influences are well publicised; what makes Mist stand out?

The first thing that comes to mind is that we started out as an all-female band and we still have just one male among us, and although this fact does not define us, I think it does give a bit of a different dynamic to the group. The other vital fact is that each member has a very distinct talent with which they contribute to the band, whether it's song writing, drawing artwork, managing gigs, and there are many friends and family members who also help us in any way they can. Each one of us contributes to some essential part of the process that makes the band we are today.

You released your EP ‘Inan’ in May this year. Can you tell us about the release?

There is no special recipe for the songs on the EP Inan', most of them started with an idea based on the lyrics, and then grew and developed into a finished track.  We started working on these songs long before we knew we would be recording the EP, so there was a time gap between the creation of each song. I believe that’s a good thing since we were not constrained by what we thought the songs should sound like together on an EP, so we had more freedom in the song writing process. The release received positive feedback, although we guess that most of our fans were hoping for a full-length album which, unfortunately, was not an option at the time.

How have you grown as a band since your 2013 demo release?

The demo release was truly an unexpected turning point for us, as we never thought we’d get such a passionate response from fellow doomers all over the world. It was meant as a kind of preview of what we were doing, but instead it ended up being sold out, so that reassured us that the band was going in the right direction and prompted even more professional work atmosphere within the band. Probably the most significant progress of the band can be observed in our live performance, as we’ve had the honour to play on many great festivals and gigs with amazing bands and have learned a lot along the way, as well as gained experience in that area. We even feel we are growing with every new song that is emerging underneath our fingers, and that is both empowering and somewhat scary at the same time.

Are there any plans for a full-length album in the near future?

The idea about releasing a full-length album has been on our minds for a long time now, but certain circumstances have not allowed that to happen so far. We don’t want to rush into releasing an album, however we’ve started writing new material already, some of which we’ll be playing live during the UK tour. After that, we’ll relax the pace and hopefully release a full-length next year.

Your September mini tour comes to the UK on 22nd September when you will be playing at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield.  Will this be your first time in the UK?

The Sheffield gig will be our first in the UK, and we are looking forward to feeling the doom vibe there. It is always a special experience visiting a new country and playing in front of a different crowd, especially as the UK is further away from home than we have ever played, and at the same time the longest tour we have ever done. We cannot put into words how excited we are, even if we do feel a bit nervous as well.

Where else is the mini tour taking you?

The day before sailing to the UK we’ll be playing in Liege, Belgium. Then the first day of our UK tour will start in Sheffield at The Rocking Chair, and after that we have four more UK gigs in Edinburgh (23rd - Bannermans bar), Aberdeen (24th - Downstairs), Glasgow (25th - Nice n' Sleazy) and London (26th - The Dev).

What are you most looking forward to while on tour?

Of course, we cannot wait to get onstage for the first time in the UK and really give it our best, connect with the crowd and rock out. Another aspect of playing abroad that we love is that we always have interesting stories to share when we come home, and those are the moments that will stay with us forever.

Do you have plans or aspirations to tour further afield? Perhaps the US?

To us even touring the UK seemed like a far-fetched dream just a year ago, so it would be hard to imagine going even farther, but it is definitely on our wish list for the future.

If you could be on your dream lineup, which bands or musicians would you most like to play with?

I am certain our singer Nina would put Black Sabbath in the first place here, she is a big fan of Ozzy – both his vocals and his craziness. Then there would definitely be some that we have already had the honour of sharing the stage with, such as Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Kadavar, Saint Vitus, Mount Salem, Cauchemar… And of course bands that we want to play with in the future include Pentagram, Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth, whom we are actually opening for just a day after returning from the UK tour.

What’s next for Mist?

There is no right answer to this question, as we have not made definite plans for the future. The goal is to write more material and release a full-length album but as I’ve mentioned, we’ll be taking it slow for now to avoid creating music under pressure. And then, of course, taking over the whole damn world! ;)

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Photography by: Lara Žitko

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.