Saturday, 5 December 2015

New Release: Kamera Obscura - Copycat EP (December 2015)

Kamera Obscura have been working on their latest EP for the last few months and on the 1st December, it was unleashed. The EP entitled Copycat, features 8 tracks, made of covers, re-interpretations and remixes and is a tribute to the bands all-time favourite horror icons and music masters.

The first track released from the EP was Halloween, which we have previously called,
... a magnificent cinematic production of King Diamond's Halloween and John Carpenters 1978 cult classic Halloween.
The EP also features another 3 awesome covers along with 4 remixes:

  1. Halloween (King Diamond vs John Carpenter cover)
  2. Profondo Rosso (Goblin cover)
  3. Somebody Super Like You (Paul Williams cover)
  4. Superbeast (Rob Zombie cover)
  5. Flesh Eaters (Dark Line Spectrum Remix)
  6. The Abominable Dr Phibes (Shaarghot & The Badly Chainsaw Remix)
  7. Interceptor (S1CKTH3SIS Remix)
  8. Terror From Outer Space (Insanecomp Remix)

The band have now released their second single from the EP, Somebody Super Like You, which is a Paul Williams cover.

The EP is available now for free download from the bands Bandcamp page. You can also grab the bands 2009 Demo for free and their awesome album Dark Reels for Name Your Price.

Up next for the band is an opening slot for Nekrogoblikon (US) on February 10th in Paris at the Gibus.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.