Friday, 17 June 2016

New Release: Deadlock - Hybris (July 2016)

Deadlock are a German melodic death metal band who have always been about extremes, mixing up death metal, technical prowess, borderline pop-laden melodies, nods to classic metal, and casual flirtation with trance and beats in their musical offerings.

Following some line-up changes, including new vocalist Margie Gerlitz, their upcoming full-length album Hybris turns out to be a multi-faceted monster in terms of both shape and content!

They released the first single from the album back in May.
The release of our first song "Berserk" is not only a little dream came true, it also marks the end of a long journey, as well as the start of our future path. We’ve never put so much energy and passion in a music video ever before. This song is most important for all of us at Deadlock.  "Berserk" is the first official song with Margie Gerlitz as our new singer and we are very curious to see if our loyal supporters feel the same depth of her voice just as we do...
 John Gahlert, Vocals.

Check out the awesome video here:

Track listing:

1          Epitaph
2          Carbonman
3          Berserk
4          Blood Ghost
5          Hybris
6          Wrath / Salvation
7          Backstory Wound
8          Ein Deutsches Requiem
9          Vergebung
10        Welcome Deathrow
11        Uncivil Hands (Bonus Track)
12        Fight Song (Bonus Track)

The album also features a 90 min DVD Documentary 'The Longest Run' that translates the album concept to visuals.

Hybris will be released on July 8th via Napalm Records. Pre-Orders are available here.

Deadlock will be performing at the following summer festivals.

03.07.2016 - Basinfirefest / Spálené Porící (CZ)
07.07.2016 - Rockharz / Ballenstedt
08.07.2016 - Out & Loud / Geiselwind
19.08.2016 - Summerbreeze / Dinkelsbühl
20.08.2016 - Rockin' Rümmerschen / Wenden
26.08.2016 - Metalacker Festival / Tennenbronn

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