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Nervosa are an all-female thrash metal band from Sãu Paulo. The band recently released their second full-length album Agony and are touring extensively. Guitarist Prika recently spoke to Femetalism about the tour, the album and the plans for Nervosa.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Femetalism. For those readers who might not know the band, can you introduce yourselves and tell us a little about the band and how you came to be?

I began the band 2010 with Fernanda Terra (old drummer), we wrote 4 songs and many girls played in the Nervosa, but nobody was professional, in July 2011 I met Fernanda Lira and she completed the line-up. Fernanda Terra leave the band in October 2012, in January 2013 we recorded our first album and then in February 2013 Pitchu completed the band. Now we released our second album Agony and we are in tour around the world promoting it.

So you have just released your second studio album, Angry. What are we going to love about this new release?

Thrash metal with influences from death metal, little bit more aggressive than our first album. The lyrics speak more about corruption and human behaviours.

How has your sound progressed as a band since your debut release, Victim of Yourself?

We’re working a lot and we love it. We have a many tours around the world, now O can say that we live on the road and not in Brazil anymore. I want to say thank you very much for our fans, because this is possible cause they supporting us.

If you had to pick one song from the album, could you pick a favourite?

I love all the songs, but Hostages, Hypocrisy, Failed system, Intolerance Means War and Wayfarer are very special for me. The guitar solo on the Cyber War is my favourite guitar solo in this album.

You are in the midst of a European tour at the moment - how are you enjoying Europe? What’s been the highlight so far?

I love to be in Europe, because we can do a tour in many countries. In this tour example are something about 18 countries, it’s amazing! Only here we can do it. Europe have a special metal scene, many big festivals, a huge audience in everywhere and Europe have many important and big bands like: Kreator, Behemoth, Sodom, Destruction, Accept, etc... all these bands doing shows around here, I could watch some show in last year, so awesome!

Is there a city you have been particularly looking forward to playing?

City is hard, because have a lot around the world, I can say countries as well like: Japan, South Africa, Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand, India, China, Norway, Denmark, Sweden everywhere!

How have the European fans been reacting to your live performances?

All shows was good for us, I’m so grateful. But in some places the fans are complete crazy and has many mosh pits, but in other shows the fans like more of pay attention. The feed back has been awesome

We were sad to hear the UK date had to be cancelled due to Visa issues. Do you plan to try and tour the UK in the future?

Unfortunately this happen, but we’ll with our tour with Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam and Enforcer in September/October we’ll be there!

How is the metal scene in Brazil? Have you any recommendations for bands we should keep an eye out for?

Brazil is a huge country, we have a rich metal scene with a lot of very good bands like: Classics such as: Sepultura, Krisiun, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Torture Squad, Claustrofobia, etc. New bands like: Lacerated and Carbonized, Krow, Woslom, etc. And a lot of female bands: Sinaya, Valhalla, Pandora, Vocifera, Indiscipline, Aborn, Scatha, Haze, etc.

Now that the album is out and once the tour is complete, what are Nervosa’s plans?

We have many tours till the end of this year. We are on tour here in Europe, on 28th July we’ll go to Canada and USA East Coast tour, then we’ll back to Brazil to do two shows maybe, then come back to Europe to do a tour together with Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Enforce in September/October, and then European East tour for 15 days and finally we’ll come back to Brazil.

Next year we have some plans for more tours around the world. Our life now is the band and we live on the road, cause we love it.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.