Thursday, 1 September 2016

New Release: Xerosun - This Dark Rage EP (August 2016)

Dublin based Xerosun released their long awaited EP, This Dark Rage, on 20th August. Known for crossing the boundaries of heavy music and producing melodic, powerful, aggressive and original music, Femetalism have been very much looking forward to hearing more from the band since interviewing them back in 2015.

This Dark Rage EP features 5 tracks:

  1. This Dark Rage 
  2. Anatomy Of A Lie 
  3. I Spared Hundreds 
  4. The Mother Of Morality 
  5. Repent, Rewind, Reset
The band released an official lyric video for I Spared Hundreds back in 2015, and in June this year they released this epic video for This Dark Rage.

So what did we think? Well, we loved it! It really starts as it means to go on, with thick, groove-laden riffs leading into brutal death metal vocals. After hammering the listeners ears for a good verse or two, it switches tracks, deftly switching back and forth between styles. One moment there's death metal, but the next it's progressive and clean vocals, then melodic metal, and yet it never feels forced or disjointed. 

While the riffs drive the rhythm and the vocals take the ear on a journey through everything metal has to offer you may wonder if the songs get lost in it all. Not one bit. The songs are distinct and memorable, and the riffs are catchy and best played loud. There's a lot to like in this, from swirling soundscapes to thundering beats to toe tapping melodies, there's a hell of a lot of metal crammed into these 5 tracks.

You can grab your very own copy of the EP here:

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Originally posted by Craig Andrews on Femetalism.