Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Release: Ann My Guard - Ourania (January 2017)

Ann my Guard was formed in 2007 by singer-bassist Eszter Anna Baumann-Toth. Their first EP, Cinderella's Syndrome came out in 2010. Its second song, Gone, was invited to be on an American promotional record (Kill City series). Their popularity in Hungary was grown by the broadcasting of a report within the Hungarian X Factor, in which Ann my Guard's lead singer Anna had been invited to introduce the band.

In the summer of 2011 they recorded their second EP: Doll Metal with rock producer Zoltan Varga at Supersize Recordings. Their first official music video came out in August 2012 for Preparation, the first track on the Doll Metal EP.

Ann my Guard's first album Innocence Descent came out in April 2014 produced by Gabor Vari at Black Hole Sound. From 2015 they started to work with UK-based indie label Shamanize Records. After additional mixing by Dark Moon Audio in the UK the album got mastered by Pete Maher for Shamanize Records.

Ann my Guard were touring for almost two months in Europe promoting the debut album and now their brand new album entitled Ourania will be out this month.

"I wanted to make a record that fully represents what Ann my Guard is: I really like mixing the ethereal feminine vocals with heavy guitar riffs and dark melodies. I like contrasts. Moreover, I love to use mythical metaphors: while on the debut record, Innocence Descent I used the Moon representing the maturing of a woman, by Ourania I expressed more universal themes. As the lyrics of Asteria say: I just want to elevate you, underneath my starlit sky, I'll be set free... The aim of rock music for me is to elevate the listeners into another dimensions, not to pull them down. I think that's what we all need from music nowadays, right?"
All songs and lyrics are written by Ann my Guard, except the lyrics of The Secret, written by Emily Dickinson.
Produced by: Gabor Vari, at Black Hole Sounds Studio
Eszter Anna Baumann: vocals, bass, guitars, flute, piano
Krisztian Varga: guitars
Norbert Tobola: drums
(Strings by Minore quartet)

Track listing:

Breathe The Sun
Obsidian Tears
The Secret

We've been fans of the band since we first heard Crush Honey back in 2014, and we managed to see the band playing live when they were in the UK the following year, so we've been looking forward to hearing the new album for some time. We have not been disappointed. It is yet another beautiful release and although the genre may be difficult to pinpoint, it is 100% Ann My Guard. As intricate as they are spellbinding, all of the tracks bring something new and unique. Churning riffs, stunning vocal melodies and loads of grit, Ourania is a triumph and an absolute joy to listen to.

With fabulous live performances, an ever growing repertoire of exceptional music and a visionary as committed and determined as Eszter, Ann My Guard have only one way to go ... to the top!

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.