Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Release: Scandelion - When Everything Turns Black (April 2017)

When Everything Turns Black is the fifth release from Scandelion, originally based in the Canary Islands (Spain) but now based in London (UK). When Everything Turns Black is a conceptual album featuring an intricate story that takes us from the Middle Ages to a distant future, where Dualism and Transmigration of Souls play a decisive role.

The album was released April 23, 2017 and was mixed and mastered by Ancor Amador at Endelicht Studios.

This album, as with their previous release Nonsense, is packed full of epic gothic doom intricacies - brutal blast beats, soaring keyboards, grinding guitar riffs, savage male growls and angelic female vocals. It is an assault on the senses and one that I just adore.  I won't deny that since seeing Scandelion perform live in 2014 they have become one of my favourite bands, so this release is long overdue and much anticipated and it really does not let you down.

Track Listing:

Caedite Eos
The Soul of The Alchemist
Black Death Sonata
Chaos Brings Order
A Train to Nowhere
Nuclear Afterglow
Comfort Zone
When Everything Turns Black - Part I
When Everything Turns Black - Part II

Band Lineup for the album:

Sonia Hernández - Vocals
Jorge Afonso - Keys & vocals
Fabrizio Ferraro - Guitars
Nicolás Navas - Bass
James Chapman - Drums

Guest Musicians: 
Ancor Amador - Vocals on "Nuclear Afterglow" and "When Everything Turns Black - Part I"

When Everything Turns Black is available from Bandcamp in digital form or in a jewel case with a full colour 8-page booklet. The stunning artwork is by Anna Spies (Eerilyfair Design).

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