Femetalism started life as a project for my Foundation Degree in eCommunications back in 2010.  I really enjoyed researching and writing for the blog and so I decided to continue with the project.  I set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and took on the Femetalism persona.

In 2011, we created Femetabase; which I hope will become a ‘go-to resource’ for people interested in learning more about female metal musicians.  It is searchable and readers can add their own favourite artists.

With Femetalism, I hope to provide an overview of the metal music genre from a feminist perspective and positively promote female metal musicians and their bands with equality, respect and relevance.

Femetalism's Contributors

Femetalism is and always will be a small part-time personal project about which I am very passionate. I am therefore the main contributor to the blog and it will be me you speak to on Facebook or Twitter.  I am also a mum and work full-time in addition to the time spent on Femetalism, so I do get some help sometimes! :)

Emma (23inertia)

A technical writer and a graduate of eCommunications with a passion for online communication and social media. I am a mum, a feminist and a metalhead. I tend to prefer gothic, folk and melodic metal and I am interested in how artists mix other genres of music with metal. I am passionate about supporting unsigned and local artists as well as the larger, more prominent bands.  I go to as many gigs and festivals as my budget allows and absolutely love the atmosphere at metal music events.

Craig (doozr)

A programmer, a metalhead, an ale drinker, a photographer and (sometimes) a gentleman. He is particularly fond of melodic death, black and folk metal, or combinations thereof, but is happy to give just about anything a whirl. He provides a lot of the photos for Femetalism, builds and runs the website, and provides the more extreme metal features.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch, please do so through Facebook, Twitter or through the website on the the Contact page.


If you are an artist who would like us to take a listen to your music, if you are releasing something you would like promoting, if you would like to be interviewed or if you are touring in the UK and would like us to come see you, we would be really pleased to hear from you.

We have a lot of bands that get in touch, but we reply to every message we receive.  We have a full schedule for at least 3-4 weeks into the future so articles and features may take at least 3-4 weeks to appear.  Don't worry - we will get you on and you will be kept up to date at all times!

Aspiring Contributors

Although I am not actively looking for regular contributors for the site we do welcome guest articles from time to time. Please get in touch if you think you could add something to Femetalism, as I would be pleased to hear your thoughts and see if there are ways to involve you.